Pencils Down

I finally took the new GRE test and I am elated to be done. I can focus on other activities in my life. It was a long test and I had to be there bright and early. I struggled with the math, shocker. I feel really confident about the essay portion and the verbal was okay. I won’t get my official score for another two weeks. Until then, no more mentionS of testing and obscure vocab or the Pythagorean theorem.

Thankfully, after that ordeal was over and done with I headed to Northern VA for lunch. A former co-worker bought me lunch at this great Thai place. Thanks Melinda! I meant to take pictures today but forgot. Tsk. She shared some summer stories and upcoming fall and winter plans. I gave her a little inkling as to what I am up to these days and she offered to help connect me with two people; her husband has a management position and a friend who works in the development field for a nonprofit. I think having diverse perspectives will only help me learn and grow while broadening my perspective. My personal statement is going to be so distinctive and have a lot of character because all these recent and upcoming experiences.

And yes, I’ve been sharing my blogs with friends, tweeting and posting on blogs like The Daily Muse and The Everygirl. Thanks for yet another shout-out! And tomorrow, I am meeting with a the PR manager at one of my old internships (networking!). I might be guest blogging in the very near future. Also, I am looking forward to attending a local chapter meeting of the National Association of Professional Women. An evening with a room full of professional women should be enlightening.

Here’s to looking ahead.


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