On the Road… Again

I am blogging from Kansas City, Missouri… not to be confused with Kansas City, Kansas. Yes, both locations do exist. I am still on a high from the PA Conference for Women! I am really grateful to have met such successful and talented women. I am now following a few of them on Twitter. Thankfully, I had the foresight to register as a volunteer for the Massachusetts Conference for Women in Beantown, aka Boston. That conference is in December, so I have plenty of time to finalize my monthly business/professional goals. I need to step it up and get myself organized now that I’ve seen the lay of the land.

During the next two weeks, I will visit two business schools, job shadow a few colleagues and (hopefully) interview some amazing women and a cool startup or two. Amidst all of those logisitics and travelling, I will continue to blog, find freelance work, solidify my business plan and develop marketing strategies for my two internships.

I think being on the road this long will be fun but a lot of work too. Most certainly, I am challenging myself to be creative, resourceful and a little crazy.

Let the craziness begin.


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