Go. Girl. Goals.

The time has come for me to lay it out on front street. And by “it”, I mean a list of goals. Having goals will keep me motivated and the thought of crossing off each bullet point is my definition of fun. Before the month of October passes me by, I will have accomplished the following:

  • Purchased my own domain name to make enhance my credibility and casually tell people to “visit my website”.
  • Updated my LinkedIn profile with action verbs, a jazzy introduction and new recommendations
  • Finished at least one business school application
  • Completed 40 blog posts (long term goal is celebrate #100 by year’s end!)
  • Joined a professional organization

I think these goals are manageable, although a few might be a tad ambitious. It doesn’t hurt to try! Actually, I am looking forward to most of them, especially those overdue ones that shall remain nameless. Building your professional portfolio and your brand is a matter of consistent baby steps. By focusing on a few steps each month, I am working to prove to potential clients, consumers, sponsors, etc. that I am worth taking notice. Most of all, I am proving to myself that I am serious and that I want to succeed. Besides, time waits for no one.

Maybe at the end of the month, if all the aforementioned items are finito, I can shout, “GOOOOAAALLL!!!!!” just like the soccer commentators on television. Maybe.


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