Looking Ahead

It’s the last day of the month of October and it’s Halloween. I should be
expecting some children and maybe a few teenagers in a few hours. This
particular month went by quickly. I cannot believe tomorrow begins a new
month. 2013 is that much closer.

I am happy to saythat I did well in achieving my goals. I will have a full report soon. I
think the toughest, by far, was committing to reaching blog post number
forty. I did it, barely. Today’s post is number forty. I wrote a post
almost every day this month. Consistency was key and thankfully, most of
my posts were hearty, had good quality. There may have been a few out
of desperation or fatigue – or both. I have started to brainstorm a list
for November and it will definitely be shorter and more exact in that I
can focus on a few, rather many. Quality versus quantity is sensible.

I am ready to end cabin fever by volunteering at the National Capital
Philanthropy Day in D.C. I was a volunteer last year and will do the
same tomorrow. I have to get up early and head downtown in the morning
via public transit, which I haven’t done since the beginning of this
month. Time flies!

Today I was really inspired by a few sites and articles that I stumbled upon including H.Bloom’s SEED program, Mashable’s 44 Female Founders and a story about Daily Muse’s CEO All three were inspiring and encouraging. Just what I need to start a new month!


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