Thank goodness it’s Friday. I started the day bright and early, yet again. After two meetings, I got home around three. I had a phone/gotomeeting this afternoon about the business development work I will be doing this fall. I have a lot of research and reading to do this weekend. Here’s a recap of a few items from earlier in the week.

I ended up talking more about my blog this week than I have since I started it. I sent an email to two friends from my City Year Philadelphia program. I mentioned it to former co-workers, past supervisors, a few close friends and a few of the other bloggers I met at BlogHer. One of them is Peach Prenni. Her real name is Anne. She was very helpful and encouraged me to use Blogger, which I did. I’ve even added my Twitter account (@Lucky_IJ) and my blog link to my email signature. No point in being shy.

Being flexible and ready for anything helped opened doors for me this week. I have new opportunities in business development and marketing for two small businesses, one of which is owned by a woman. I have a plethora of ideas that need to be organized, either in Google or Evernote. I also have a growing list of book titles, thanks to my career coaching session yesterday. And that was after, I had picked up a few books from the library. At the end of the day, the more I know the better. I’ve learned a lot from all my experiences this week. It’s cliché but…. knowledge is power.