Brace Yourself

I figure I would write a brief post before Ms. Hurricane Sandy comes a knockin’ out my power! The forecast for this pending storm is serious. Several people have already died and it is expected to hit a good portion of the East coast. It’s a little nerve wracking because you never know the outcome and damages of a severe storm until it hits. I am going to pray that Sandy comes and goes.

In the mean time, I am spending the rest of the day removing the clutter in my room while unpacking some last minute items from my trip. I also have some work to do for all three of my internships and develop a short bio for my online magazine contributor debut. I decided against continuing on one particular project on Friday. Though the project, which mostly entailed research, was exciting, it is not the direction am I going in at this time. Since time is my most valuable resource and asset, I need to be mindful of how I use it. I tried not to burn a bridge but ultimately, I have to move forward for me.

October is coming to a close and I will soon review my monthly goals and my progress in executing them. I am already itching to create a list for November. I have also considered a long-term list that includes quarterly goals. I can appreciate the idea of failing fast, but I certainly what to have a vision as well. I am bracing for Hurricane Sandy at the moment, but I really need to embrace the hectic schedule, preparation and work ethic that comes with being an entrepreneur/solopreneur.

I still have a few more thank you notes to write and I want to jot down my thoughts about the business school visits I had recently. I think a top choice has emerged but I also have options on the East coast.

I really hope the power stays on this evening. I feel motivated to streamline my space and workload for the week. Here’s to motivation and positivity in spite of it all.