Pitch Week

Surprise! I cannot believe I am writing a post before sunset. I have yet to hit that sweet spot of uploading my posts the same time every day. Eventually it will happen. No rush.

Hmm.. what’s new. Actually, I got a quick glimpse of the office of Affinity Lab, an accelerator for businesses and entrepreneurs based in the U street area of D.C. I was on my way to an event for mentors with the DC College Success Foundation last night and stumbled upon their office a few blocks from the U Street metro. I know they offer different types of membership but I wonder if they have day/visitor passes. I would love to visit and see what the coworking space is like along with the various nonprofits and businesses.

I also went to Capital Cause‘s second annual Changemakers event, which honors young philanthropists for their commitment to service. I was an honoree last year. I continue to support the organization philanthropically and with my time by working with the events committee. Our event space, Capitale, was really nice. I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately. I am really looking forward to buying either a Nikon or Canon. I am almost certain that I will take more and share more photos (Tumblr anyone?)

This week I’ve been working on pitching, aka selling myself. I got inspired after reading a post from Susannah Breslin, a Forbes contributor. I read her blog, Pink Slipped, regularly because she has a very direct voice and offers good insight as a freelancer. I’ve been trying to get leads with online magazines as a contributor. One in particular, Ms. Career Girl, has some potential and I am exploring my options with that website.

Using social media has been helpful in finding opportunities. Twitter has been especially helpful but I’ve made some connections through LinkedIn as well. The LinkedIn Premium package is great. Being active on social media allows others to learn more about me. Big plus!

Speaking of learn more about me, I referenced someone I met at BlogHer several weeks ago. Annie, of Peach Prenni, has been so kind to not only read my blog but provide comments to my posts. Thanks Annie!



My single, most important goal today was to vote. I did just that and from start to finish, it was about a forty minute process. I went to the polls in the afternoon time to avoid the lines. Now the rest of the country and the world awaits the final results.

Civic duty, done and done.

Enough about this very long and expensive election, here are my goals for November.

  • Further elaborate on the purpose of blog and/or personal website, which includes the “About” section and transferring content to WordPress. I’m upgrading!
  • Buy a “real” aka professional camera with a price range of $150-$250. Word on the street is that you cannot go wrong with a Nikon or Canon. I am banking on a few, good holiday deals this season.
  • Create and maintain monthly budget for work related expenses. I need to work on my non-existent accounting skills.
  • Explore another social media account, either Tumblr (hence the camera purchase) or Pinterest.
  • Utilize LinkedIn Premium account and enhance summary and experience, with specialties and computer software applications, etc.
I have four as of right now, even though I thought I would have three. I probably will add one or two more. Once December rolls around, my motivation may well be weather dependent. It’s a rather biting cold temperature today and it does not help that my niece and nephew got my sick. I saw it coming. I didn’t even venture out last night but the rest of my week is busy. I might as well rest up and stay healthy.
Let’s review the progress I made on my October goals:
  • Purchased my own domain name to make enhance my credibility and casually tell people to “visit my website”.   Completed but I haven’t told anyone. 1 point. 
  • Updated my LinkedIn profile with action verbs, a jazzy introduction and new recommendations. Semi-completed. Half point. I received a recommendation and several endorsements. I still have settled on a fabulous introduction. See November goals.
  • Finished at least one business school application. Half point. I actually decided to remove a school from my list because I realize it does entirely fit me. Basically, I found better schools which helps me generate a more targeted list. 
  • Completed 40 blog posts (long term goal is celebrate #100 by year’s end!) Completed. 1 point. I am going to stress quality over quantity. 100 entries is definitely not happening. 
  • Joined a professional organization. Hmm.. I went back and forth on this one. I think I need more time to determine which organization is best but I have considered joining a Meetup group. I won’t count this one, for now. 
And there you have it. Three points out of four is not too bad, especially since I was traveling for most of October. Here’s to more goals and more opportunities!