Saved by the Bucks

I finally made it to St. Louis after saying my goodbyes to my sister. I hope Kansas City treats her well. My last few hours in KC were little annoying. The apartment building where my sis now calls home, suddenly had no Internet access. Unfortunately for me, I was wide awake at 5:30 this morning. Thank goodness for my Blackberry! I did not even bother sending the emails I wanted to because as much as I like to browse and check my email with BB, I prefer my laptop. What I needed from my email was the call-in credentials for a conference call with Sofya and Leah of RachelChris. I responded to their Craigslist ad as their looking for an intern. Though the start-up company is based in NYC, most of the work is virtual, which is a plus. I love that the founder is a young woman! I am so glad they took the time to read a few of my blog posts and liked my writing. The interview went well and I hope I hear good news from them next week. No matter the result, I would really like to take a day trip to New York to visit them and interview them for my blog. I will keep you posted.

Pheew. That was just the morning. I will fast forward a few hours, especially since I spent a little over four hours on Megabus to get to St. Louis. The driver was great and our bus was twenty-five minutes early! Yes, please and thank you Megabus. As soon as I grabbed my two pieces of luggage I headed toward Union Station. It took awhile to find a cab but eventually a valet from a nearby hotel hailed one for me. Twenty-five dollars later and I made it to the Sheraton Hotel, my home for the next two nights. I am attending a preview weekend for one of my business schools. It wasn’t until after I was handed my room keys, did I notice the hotel’s sleek and modern lobby. Impressive.

Enough marveling already. I went straight to my room to drop off my belongings. I grabbed my laptop and Vera Bradley coin purse (so much easier to carry than my jumbo wallet) and made my way outside. Word on the street was that there was Panera three blocks away. I barely ate on the bus and I was looking forward to their mac n’ cheese.

I never got my mac n’ cheese. Since when does a Panera Bread close before five. Really?

Starbucks saved me. I popped into a Chiptole across the street to snack on chips and guac. Healthy-ish, cheap and quick. Honestly, I needed Inernet access badly. To my dismay, the Megabus I rode did not have Internet connectivity. That’s right, for over four hours the only way I accessed the Internet was via BB.

Basically, I now have just enough time to finish this blog post, compile a marketing proposal, email invitations to fashion bloggers for an upcoming event and update my LinkedIn. Oh and I still need to definitely pick an outfit and hairstyle for tonight’s reception. The attire is “nice” casual. Whatever. I am overdressing and I’m curling my hair.

I will end this post on a less stressful note. A few weeks ago, I met with Lisa Good night at AAUW We discussed a possible opportunity for me to be a guest blogger. I am happy to say that my blog, along with a few editorial changes, is now published online. Take a look.

Happy Friday!


Go. Girl. Goals.

The time has come for me to lay it out on front street. And by “it”, I mean a list of goals. Having goals will keep me motivated and the thought of crossing off each bullet point is my definition of fun. Before the month of October passes me by, I will have accomplished the following:

  • Purchased my own domain name to make enhance my credibility and casually tell people to “visit my website”.
  • Updated my LinkedIn profile with action verbs, a jazzy introduction and new recommendations
  • Finished at least one business school application
  • Completed 40 blog posts (long term goal is celebrate #100 by year’s end!)
  • Joined a professional organization

I think these goals are manageable, although a few might be a tad ambitious. It doesn’t hurt to try! Actually, I am looking forward to most of them, especially those overdue ones that shall remain nameless. Building your professional portfolio and your brand is a matter of consistent baby steps. By focusing on a few steps each month, I am working to prove to potential clients, consumers, sponsors, etc. that I am worth taking notice. Most of all, I am proving to myself that I am serious and that I want to succeed. Besides, time waits for no one.

Maybe at the end of the month, if all the aforementioned items are finito, I can shout, “GOOOOAAALLL!!!!!” just like the soccer commentators on television. Maybe.