Making Progress

On Tuesday, I was so very tempted to not go to the NAPW meeting, even though I already mentioned my curiosity and interest for attending. Alas, I went. I ended up at Tempo Restaurant in Alexandria. The pasta shells and cream sauce was okay. I was more interested in meeting the women. The Chapter President, Andrea Hancock, was so friendly. I even got a gift at the end of the meeting! She started her own professional organizing business last year. I will definitely be interviewing her in the near future. I peppered her with a bunch of questions and she seemed willing and ready to answer them. I think she has a good story to share. I just need to follow up with her and we’ll take it from there. I met a few other women as well and hope to connect with more soon. There are chapters all over the place. This organization might be up my alley, so I will need to decide if I want to become a member or not.

The informational interview planned for Tuesday was postponed till next week. Things change, so I try to stay limber and keep moving. What’s been moving lately is my activity on Twitter (@Lucky_IJ). I have gotten a handful of followers in a short amount of time. I’ve been tweeting and retweeting messages as often as I can. Usually, I send quick messages in the morning and again the evening. Social media is fascinating because it’s ever-changing. There is no constant, or so it seems. Tweetreach has helped me track where my tweets are going, based on my the number of tweets and followers. I see gains, which is promising.

Aside from networking and working on my internships, I still volunteer! I will be helping out at the Brides Against Cancer event in D.C. this evening. It’s a great cause and should be a lot of fun. I will need my strength and energy because I am sure it will be a frenetic evening.

Time to tackle the day.