Pitch Week

Surprise! I cannot believe I am writing a post before sunset. I have yet to hit that sweet spot of uploading my posts the same time every day. Eventually it will happen. No rush.

Hmm.. what’s new. Actually, I got a quick glimpse of the office of Affinity Lab, an accelerator for businesses and entrepreneurs based in the U street area of D.C. I was on my way to an event for mentors with the DC College Success Foundation last night and stumbled upon their office a few blocks from the U Street metro. I know they offer different types of membership but I wonder if they have day/visitor passes. I would love to visit and see what the coworking space is like along with the various nonprofits and businesses.

I also went to Capital Cause‘s second annual Changemakers event, which honors young philanthropists for their commitment to service. I was an honoree last year. I continue to support the organization philanthropically and with my time by working with the events committee. Our event space, Capitale, was really nice. I didn’t take any pictures unfortunately. I am really looking forward to buying either a Nikon or Canon. I am almost certain that I will take more and share more photos (Tumblr anyone?)

This week I’ve been working on pitching, aka selling myself. I got inspired after reading a post from Susannah Breslin, a Forbes contributor. I read her blog, Pink Slipped, regularly because she has a very direct voice and offers good insight as a freelancer. I’ve been trying to get leads with online magazines as a contributor. One in particular, Ms. Career Girl, has some potential and I am exploring my options with that website.

Using social media has been helpful in finding opportunities. Twitter has been especially helpful but I’ve made some connections through LinkedIn as well. The LinkedIn Premium package is great. Being active on social media allows others to learn more about me. Big plus!

Speaking of learn more about me, I referenced someone I met at BlogHer several weeks ago. Annie, of Peach Prenni, has been so kind to not only read my blog but provide comments to my posts. Thanks Annie!



Thank goodness it’s Friday. I started the day bright and early, yet again. After two meetings, I got home around three. I had a phone/gotomeeting this afternoon about the business development work I will be doing this fall. I have a lot of research and reading to do this weekend. Here’s a recap of a few items from earlier in the week.

I ended up talking more about my blog this week than I have since I started it. I sent an email to two friends from my City Year Philadelphia program. I mentioned it to former co-workers, past supervisors, a few close friends and a few of the other bloggers I met at BlogHer. One of them is Peach Prenni. Her real name is Anne. She was very helpful and encouraged me to use Blogger, which I did. I’ve even added my Twitter account (@Lucky_IJ) and my blog link to my email signature. No point in being shy.

Being flexible and ready for anything helped opened doors for me this week. I have new opportunities in business development and marketing for two small businesses, one of which is owned by a woman. I have a plethora of ideas that need to be organized, either in Google or Evernote. I also have a growing list of book titles, thanks to my career coaching session yesterday. And that was after, I had picked up a few books from the library. At the end of the day, the more I know the better. I’ve learned a lot from all my experiences this week. It’s cliché but…. knowledge is power.