Worth It

Wow, time really does fly. I had every intention to blog on Friday right before I called it quits for the evening. Little did I know that I would be babysitter numero uno for the evening and the following morning. My older brother owes me. I love my niece and nephew, so it’s okay. Those two are never a dull a moment. What has been lackluster is my ability to get work done. With family obligations this weekend, I feel behind already!

Back to Friday. I had registered as a volunteer for the 2012 Maryland Women’s Conference this past summer after a few key word searches via Google. I was looking forward to a conference that was more local and a little smaller. This conference was also a one-day affair like the last one I attended. The morning was somewhat rough but I still managed to exercise, eat breakfast and get on the road by eight. Per usual, I got lost and ultimately the trip took me two hours. I was comforted by the fact that the route was unbelievably scenic. Very picturesque, actually. My point of contact was a woman named Susan and eventually we found each other. I assisted one speaker, Anita Wilson, as she discussed the ins and outs of Social Security and Medicare. I found her presentation insightful though Social Security benefits won’t be a realization for me for another four decades. I was undoubtedly the youngest person in the room, then again, the conference was not teaming with young women but I spotted a few college students.

I really connected with a business owner, Nicole of Stacy Nicole, an interior design firm. She shared a bit of her personal and professional journey and struggles. She is willing to offer advice for someone like me. I got her business card and we’ve already started exchanging emails. She’s definitely not holding back by asking the tough, direct questions. Gasp! I actually have to fine-tune this vision of mine. The more questions, the more fine-tuning. Another person I admired was Jessica Hibbard of Stories and Ideas. I was really impressed with her business card, a simple and clean design. Her professional background (she’s a former Apple employee) is also impressive. She launched her own business earlier this year in Frederick, Maryland. Congrats! I wish both Nicole and Jessica the best and hope to continue to reach out to them in the future. The long drive was worth it because I left with more knowledge than earlier that morning.

2012 Sponsors of Maryland Women’s Conference

Another conference off my list. Next up? DCWEEK! I have a free badge that I picked up a few days ago. I was not able to pick up my Gold badge just yet because I was out of town. DCWEEK is a weeklong festival with the goal of bringing together designers, developers, entrepreneurs and social innovators. The festival hosts a variety of activities like a hack-a-thon and happy hour events as well as sessions featuring top industry speakers and guests. I scanned the schedule last week to select which programs to register for and attend. Several scheduled events are sold out. I plan on attending Punchrock’s happy hour later this evening, provided that my niece and nephew are out the door by then. The thought of engaging in a conversation not involving  a two-year old’s babble sounds delightful.